For the attention of those who are willing to be enrolled in the International Black Sea University by mobility!
Mobility for the fall semester of 2021-2022 has been announced.
International Black Sea University has already registered vacancies on the e-portal of the Education Management Information System.
The stages of mobility are as follows:
1. August 16, 2021 – August 30, 2021, 18:00 – deadline for registration and mobility payment fees for enrollees on electronic portal of education information system;

2. September 1, 2021- September 10, 2021- submission of the mobility documentation to the IBSU by enrollees after confirmation of the mobility transfer process on the portal;

3. September1, 2021- September 15, 2021- preparation of faculty decisions of the International Black Sea University regarding the enrollees and recognition of their credits;

4. September 14-16, 2021 – confirmation / refusal of applications of enrollees by the mobility.

After the confirmation of the mobility transfer process on the portal, from September 1, 2021 to September 10, 2021 the enrollees must submit the following documents to the International Black Sea University Ltd.:
⮚ Application (see attached file);
⮚ Copies of documents regulatıng student status (eg enrollment / restoration / status suspension / status termination act);
⮚ Transkript certified by the signature and seal of the authorized person of the University (indicating the number of credits and evaluation of the study components);
⮚ A copy of enrollee’s identification card (ID);
⮚ Certificate of complete general education and / or a copy of the document certifying the completion of the previous level of higher education;
⮚ Two photographs (3X4), (printed and electronic version);
⮚ For male students: Proof of military registration;
⮚ In case of enrollment in the master’s and doctoral programs by the mobility terms and provision of a diploma obtained by the candidate after completing at least five years of the program within the period defined by the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, the candidate must also present an official document of recognition confirming the relevancy to the corresponding level of diploma.

Note: In case of a diploma issued by another country, it is necessary to submit a notarized translation certified by the National Center For Educational Quality Enhancement.
The application and the required documentation should be sent to the following e-mail: Please Indicate “ Mobility” in the subject field. A person participating in the mobility is responsible for the relevancy of the submitted documentation.
When using the right of mobility from the Georgian language educational program to the English language educational program, the student is obliged to confirm the appropriate level of English language proficiency.
Relevant levels for this are:
a) In order to be enrolled in the first semester of the undergraduate program, a student must have obtained at least the number of points in the English language test of the Unified National Examinations, which is defined for the respective educational program in the relevant academic year. (50% + 1) or (60% + 1)
b) A student enrolled in the second semester of the undergraduate program must attest to B1 level English proficiency;
c) A student enrolled in the 3rd-5th semesters of the undergraduate program must attest to B2 level English proficiency;
d) A student enrolled in the master’s program must confirm B2 level of English language proficiency;
e) A student enrolled in a doctoral program must attest to B2 / C1 English language proficiency based on prerequisites for admission to the program.
In order to attest the required level, a student can: a) submit an international certificate of English language; B) pass the English language test conducted by IBSU; C) submit a document proving that he / she has passed the English language course of the same level as B2 / C1: d) submit a document confirming that he / she has completed the previous level English language education program and the average grade (GPA) within the program is at least 75 (out of 100) or 3 (out of 4).
Different tuition fees apply to foreign nationals. Detailed information is available on the IBSU official website or contact

Applicants for mobility must submit a confirmation of the offered terms (consent / refusal) (The date will be announced later). In case of consent, an enrollee signs the consent form for enrollment and credit recognition and therefore, confirming that he / she agrees with the information regarding the credit recognition and his / her wish to continue study at the IBSU.
The consent form should be sent electronically to
For further information,
● Regarding documents contact Human resources and chancellor office
● Regarding mobility process contact Quality Assurance Service
● Regarding programs or credit recognition contact the relevant program coordinator.
Phone: 032 2595005/06; +995 597 215 131; Email:
Address: Tbilisi, 0131, d. Agmashenebeli Alley 13 km, # 2

Attached documentation:
⮚ Application
⮚ CONSENT to MOBILITY (to IBSU with Credits)